Clare Goodwin

clare_2014When Clare first heard the word mandala in 1979, she stepped onto a path that became a lifelong passion. Using knowledge gained from in-depth study of this ancient spiritual practice, Clare has painted over 400 personalized mandalas and her work is featured on magazine and book covers, in popular page-a-day calendars, in coloring books, and in a permanent installation at Vanderbilt University. As a professional astrologer and tarot reader, Clare appears frequently at psychic fairs, and maintains an extensive private clientele. She is also a therapist certified in Psychosynthesis, a modality that combines psychological and spiritual concerns in a creative approach to personal growth. For more about her intuitive and counseling services: ClarityWithClare.com Combining her interest in mandalas with her powerful intuitive gifts and long experience as both a reader and therapist, Clare created The Mandala Deck as a clear, approachable oracle. Clare makes her home on Cape Cod with her husband Alan.

Alan Goodwin

DSC04727Alan met Clare around the time she began studying mandalas and shared her passion for the subject. The couple’s ongoing collaborative work on mandalas is a focus of their relationship. Alan develops the circular design software MandalaMaker™ which allows the creation of traditional mandalas and other radially symmetrical designs. A free demo of MandalaMaker is available at MandalaSoftware.com