The Mandala Deck™

4 suits

Each of the 44 cards in this deck features an original mandala matching the vibration of its suit and number. When gently and steadily gazed upon, these images become a portal to other spheres of awareness. The accompanying inspirational words will help guide you to the deeper messages of the mandalas.

For inspiration, place a card on an altar or other prominent location. Each time you see the card, tune in to the qualities of the card that you choose to embody.

To use as an oracle, draw a card and allow the image and the words to prompt your inner knowing. Trust the impressions you receive. If you need more information, draw a clarification card. For a more in-depth reading, try a three card spread for “past, present, future,” or create your own spreads.

Keeping a journal or notebook of your readings can deepen your awareness as you record your progress.

Dedicated to the creative wisdom, magical spirit and loving kindness that lives within us all, may these cards inspire and enrich your life.